Detoxi Salts (1 Bottle)


Critical mineral repalcement for thermotherapy based detox protocols

Product Description

Essential mineral and electrolyte replacement formula

Sweating is highly effective form of detoxification, however, excessive sweating through exercise or thermotherapy can deplete the body of essential minerals. Richway Detoxi Bamboo Salts is a natural product produced from sea salt. Following a time tested process used throughout Asia salt is encased in bamboo and super heated in a kiln for 300 hours to produce a highly fortified mineral supplement.


No ordinary salt

Common table salt has been striped of minerals in the refinement process and often contains high levels of Natrium, which can adversely affect blood pressure. In contrast, Detoxi Salt powder has low levels of Natrium and higher levels of essential minerals including Chloride, which have a homeostatic effect on blood pressure and cellular osmosis.


Chloride works synergistically with Far Infrared treatments on a Biomat to help transport nutrients into the cells and support the removal of metabolic waste.


How to use Detoxi Salts

The recommended use of Detoxi Salt powder is 1 teaspoon mixed with 8 oz of water a half hour before a meal or directly after a high heat intensity Biomat session or workout.



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