About bio-matshop.com

healing-hands-at-bio-matshopBio-matshop.com is dedicated to providing cutting edge healing products that support healthy aging and offering relief from chronic pain and other degenerative conditions.

There are many new challenges associated with modern living that precipitate the need for new health strategies.  We believe the Richway Biomat and supportive products have remarkable health benefits and we are passionate about sharing this technology with the world.

Bio-matshop.com is located in beautiful Victoria BC, Canada.

Why buy from us?

At the bio-matshop.com we are committed to helping you all the way through and beyond the buying process.  We understand a Richway Biomat is an investment in your health and we are happy to provide ongoing support to get the most from your purchase.

In addition to some cool give aways, 5% of every sale will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders – a great not for profit organization offering disaster relief world wide. 

Contact us with any questions!