Biomat Benefits

Reap the benefits of Far Infra Red heat and negative ions

The health benefits of Far Infra Red FIR) and negative ions are well researched by both the scientific and medical community.  The Richway Amethyst Bio-Mat Professional 7000MX is an FDA approved medical device the used by thousands of health professionals and individuals to offer relief for a number of age related conditions and pain due to injuries.

Bio-Mat technology is in a class of it’s own, using the finest minerals and ceramics to produce a superior deep heat that penetrates up to 6″ into the body.   Similar to the feeling of a hot stone massage, the Bio-Mat relaxes both the body and mind.

The following are some of the health claims approved by the FDA for the Bio-Mat.

Natural pain relief

Far infra Red heat encourages blood circulation and relaxes muscle tension, temporarily relieving minor aches and pains in the areas where heat is applied, including joints and the lower back.  The Bio-Mat Professional 7000 MX offers full body coverage for pain conditions that cover a broad area.

Improved blood and lymph circulation

Far Infra Red heat expands the blood and lymph vessels temporarily increase peripheral blood circulation.

Stress reduction, enhanced sense of well being

The Bio-Mat has a remarkable soothing quality, similar to the deep relaxation one experiences during sunbathing or a hot stone massage.   Far Infra Red heat temporarily relieves muscle tension and stress producing a natural feeling of calm and well being.

Improves sleep

For those who suffer for occasional sleeplessness due to pain or stress the Bio-Mat can help to improve sleep quality.  Check out the Bio-Mat Bed for more info.

Immune support

Far Infra Red heat raises the core temperature of the body, much like a fever does in response to a pathogen.   Many traditional cultures from around the world use saunas, particularly in the winter as a regular health practice to improve immune function.  For many people the Bio-Mat Mini 7000MX is a convenient and simple way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Far Infra Red heat at work or while traveling.

Reduction of inflammation

The negative ions from a Bio-Mat help to reduce inflammation associated with arthritis when applied to the body.  Check out the Bio-Mat Belt for the perfect solution for spot treatments, like swollen joints or localized pain.

There are many great health benefits associated with the Richway Bio-Mat.  Unfortunately, many of the statements found on the internet exaggerate or mislead the public with outlandish claims.  While the Bio-Mat is a safe and effective tool for the conditions listed above please do you own research and consult with a health professional before including Far Infra Red heat or negative ion therapy in your health regime.

If you have any further questions please contact us, we are happy to help!