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Get charged with negative ions

negative-ion-stormIn the ancient cultures throughout Asia and many other places in the world people speak about the air we breathe as possessing energy.   Sometime called prana or qi, this vital energy is considered the secret to long life and health.

Everyone knows instinctually that breathing air from a forest or near the ocean feels healthy. In fact the practice of forest bathing, immersing oneself in nature as a way of healing is gaining more traction in the west as a form of therapy.

Only in the last century has science confirmed what ancient peoples have known all along, negative ions found in natural settings can have a potent effect on health.


Negative ions are oxygen atoms that carry an extra electron.    Created by moving water, storm fronts, sunlight and natural background radiation, negative ions accumulate in the environment and purify the air we breathe.

Positive ions are typically carbon dioxide molecules missing an electron.   Accumulating in degraded or polluted environments, positive ions have been shown to have a harmful effect on human health, and are associated with free radical damage of cell structures and DNA.

Unfortunately thanks to industrialization many people are exposed to high levels of positive ions daily due in part to living in densely populated urban centers. A typical office environment or condo is saturated with positive ions generated from air conditioning, central heating, computers, and poor air circulation.

While it may not be possible live in the rain forest or get out on a surfboard everyday, you can still reap the benefits of negative ions with the help of a Biomat.

How does the Biomat generate negative ions?

The Biomat features a patented Japanese Kurera Super Fiber, which interacts with DC current creating a discharge of negative ions. The body absorbs these negative ions, neutralizing harmful positive ions and stimulating the circulation of calcium and natrium (salts) in the blood, helping to promote a more alkaline body terrain.

Charge up with negative ions

  • Research from the University of California shows that negative ions can normalize serotonin levels, improving mood and outlook
  • Negative ions reduce free radical damage in the body, helping to slow the aging process
  • Research done by Dr Tim Tanaka in Japan concluded that ionization can increase cell wall permeability and alkalizes the blood, helping the body to detoxify
  • Negative ions promote deeper, more restorative sleep

Negative ions are nature’s gift, promoting good health and harmony. If you are not able to get out into the great outdoors on a regular basis the Biomat is the next best thing.

Check out the Biomat Bed or Biomat Professional 7000MX for a convenient and easy way to add negative ions to you daily diet.

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