BioAcoustic Mat

BioAcoustic Mat


The BioAcoustic Mat uses low frequency binaural beats to internally massage large and small muscle groups while entraining brain activity into a coherent state using one of 12 preset binaural beats specifically designed for the BioAcoustic Mat.  Designed as a stand alone sound therapy or used with the Biomat Professional and Single Biomat Bed.



Amplify the benefits of the Biomat

Our earliest preverbal memories are of listening to our mother’s heartbeat in utero, invoking pleasant feelings of calm and connection.  Rhythmic and repetitive beats help us to self soothe and regulate our nervous system to reestablish internal homeostasis.  Recent studies have shown that listening to your favourite music results in a spike in dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter associated with cognitive and emotional wellbeing.


Traditional cultures from around the world understand the healing properties of sound and have used music, drums and dance for countless generations to restore health.  The Aboriginal peoples of Australia play a wooden trumpet-like instrument called a Didgeridoo which emits a low frequency sound.  Afro Cuban society and the Santeria religion have elaborate polyrhythmic beats for the Congo.  The people of Tibet  and the Himalayan plateau have a long folk tradition of deep resonant throat singing to invoke healing or spiritual states.

In the west the hypnotic beats of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has given birth to a whole sub culture that venerates the collective experience of moving too high decibel, low frequency bass driven DJ music. 

With the BioAcoustic Mat it is now possible to have the health benefits of sound therapy in the comfort of your own home.  The BioAcoustic Mat speakers generate a range of low frequencies from 30 – 68 Hz that massage the large muscle groups in the back.  Higher frequencies in the range of 52 – 88 Hz target smaller muscle groups in the upper back and neck.

Using 12 preset binaural beats developed specifically for Richway Fuji-Bio, the BioAcoustic Mat can induce Alpha brain waves for relaxation and sleep or Theta brain waves to stimulate focus and meditative awareness.  It is also possible to play your own favourite music through the speakers of the BioAcoustic Mat to achieve your ideal state.

Vibroacoustic therapy and Far Infrared heat for deeper relaxation

The BioAcoustic Mat can be used as a stand alone vibro-acoustic therapy or in combination with the Richway Fuji Bio’s signature products, the Professional Biomat 7000MX or Single Biomat bed.  The combination of both the BioAcoustic Mat and the Biomat Professional offers a home spa experience similar to a hot stone massage. 

Melt pain and tension away with the penetrating warmth of Far Infrared heat while binaural beats and low frequencies relax and clear the mind.

The features of the BioAcoustic include:

  • Plug and play – Inflate the BioAucoustic Mat and plug it in. 
  • Multiple audio inputs – Use one of the 12 preset Binaural beats to achieve your ideal brain state or use the audio jack to play your favourite music through the speakers of your BioAcoustic Mat
  • Easy to store away – Deflate and pack away
  • Entrain your brain – the carefully designed frequencies and binaural beats entrain your brain wave activity towards a healthy and coherent state. 
  • Design to work in combination with the Biomat – Comes in single bed and professional sizes
  • Quality assured – Covered by Richway’s full 1 year warranty and limited 3 year coverage for any defects

Use the drop down menu to select either Single (79″X39″X3″or Professional (73″ X 28″ X 3″) size BioAcoustic Mat


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BioAcoustic Mat™ Single 120V, BioAcoustic Mat™ Professional 120V


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