Biobelt (standard size)

Biobelt (standard size)




The Biobelt is your secret weapon against stubborn belly fat and low back pain

biobelt-belly-fatThe Biobelt takes the best of Richway’s signiture Biomat Professional 7000 MX and puts in a form that can be worn while performing daily activities or sitting at work.

If you struggle to achieve a healthy weight you are not alone. It is estimated that over half of North Americans are in a constant battle to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).

Weight management is complex, involving genetic, dietary and lifestyle factors.   One thing is certain, by middle age it becomes harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight even if you are exercising regularly and being mindful about what you eat.

Reducing abdominal fat is particularly important for those with chronic back pain and metabolic diseases.


Low core body temperature: The smoking gun behind stubborn weight gain and chronic disease

An often overlooked issue contributing to stubborn weight gain is a chronically low core body temperature.

To function properly the internal organs require a consistent body temperature of 98.6° degree Fahrenheit or 37° degree Celsius. If core body temperature is chronically low the body accumulates fat as a protective mechanism to insulate and trap heat.

Regardless of how much exercise or dieting you do, unless you address the issue of low core body temperature you are likely to continue to ‘yo yo’ or regain the belly fat if you slip from your diet or become more sedentary.


Thermotherapy for weight loss

Thermotherapy is a form of heat therapy originally developed in the 1970s as an adjunct treatment for degenerative diseases. As we age the body’s core temperature decline, making us more susceptible to disease and problematic weight gain.

The Biobelt delivers fat burning Far Infrared heat to the places where it is needed most to combat stubborn weight gain.


Relief from chronic back pain

biobeltBack pain is an epidemic issue in the modern world and a leading cause of disability, due in part to spending excessive periods of sitting.  This workplace hazard is common among office workers or anyone who spends long hours on a computer. Excessive sitting weakens abdominal muscles and creates tension in the erector and stabilizing muscles of the low back. This basic pattern of muscle imbalance pulls the spine out of alignment and is a set up for chronic back pain.

If you are tired of endless trips to your Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, or Chiropractor the Biobelt is an effective home treatment option for chronic back pain.

Using a patented multilayer construction of semi precious stones and ceramics the Biobelt delivers Far Infrared heat to the places that need it most, penetrating up to 6 inches into the body. The Biobelt™ helps to relieve low back tension and pain and is also ideal for quick spot treatments on the upper back, shoulders and neck regions.

The Biobelt comes in regular and plus sizes and can be conveniently worn in the office while you sit at your work-station.  Your back will love you for it!



Bio-Belt layers



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