King Biomat Bed®



Sleep like a King on a King Biomat® bed

The King Biomat®  is our premium Richway product for those seeking luxury and comfort. With over 35 pounds of amethyst and an expansive real estate, now the whole family can enjoy the health benefits of Far Infrared and negative ions at the same time!

The King Biomat® bed features a split 7000 MX controller allowing you to moderate temperature separately on both sides of the bed.

Like all Richway Biomat products the King Biomat® comes with 1 year full warranty. 3 year limited warranty, so you can rest in comfort knowing your investment is covered.



72.65″w x 77.81″ / 1800 x 2002mm


52 lbs


330 w


AC 120


95f to 158f / 36c to 70c

Infrared Ray:

5 – 14 Microm. Max

Amount Amethyst

35 lbs

Negative Ion:

600 Volts of negative potential


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