Queen Biomat Bed®



Better sleep with the Queen sized Biomat bed pad

Amethyst_-Bio_PillowRecent research concludes that regular deep restorative sleep is one the most critical factors for maintaining good health and aging well.

The lack of good sleep negatively affects hormonal function and is directly linked to increased risk for heart disease, cancer, weight gain, immune system dysfunction, inflammatory diseases and cognitive decline.

According to the National Sleep Foundation 30% of Americans suffer from chronic insomnia or a sleep disorder. The rest of us are getting around 20% less sleep than people living 100 years ago.

Heal while you sleep

One of the simplest ways to improve sleep as well rejuvenate the body is to increase exposure to negative ions. Negative ions are produced by fast moving electrical particles in nature particularly around moving water.

In contrast, positive ions are generated by air born pollution or toxins and have a negative effect on living organisms.

High concentration of negative ions alkalizes the blood and produces and general feelings of wellbeing and relaxation.

The Biomat queen sized bed pad is a great choice for receiving the healing benefits of negative ions on a regular basis, especially if natural sources are not a convenient option.

The benefits of negative ions include

  • Enhanced restorative sleep
  • Reduction in inflammatory conditions including arthritis
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Improved energy and mood
  • The Biomat bed is also available in single and king sizes. The controller for the Biomat bed is equipped with a timer and a spectrum of Far Infrared temperature settings.


Never go to sleep in a cold bed again. Set your controller to the right temperature and timing before bed and enjoy a better night’s sleep.




55.11″w x 77.81″l / 1400 x 2002mm


52 lbs without controller / 23 kg


330 w


AC 120


95f to 158f / 36c to 70c

Infrared Ray:

5 – 14 Microm. Max

Amount of Amethyst:

28.5 lbs.

Negative Ion:

600 Volts of negative potential


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