Single Biomat® Bed

Single Biomat® Bed


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A PLUS sized Biomat

With all the same features as the Professional Biomat 7000MX, the Single Biomat® bed is the perfect solution for your home based spa or for plus sized or very tall individuals.

Stretch out in comfort with an additional 12”s in width and 4”s in length. The Single Biomat® bed comes with the recently updated 7000MX controller, allowing you to set timer and temperature for a quick nap or the perfect night sleep.

Like all Richway Biomat products, the Single Biomat® bed provides therapeutic Far Infrared heat and negative ions, helping to stimulate the immune system, soothe muscle and joint pain, and relieve stress.

The Single Biomat® comes with a fitted, machine washable cotton cover, a storage bag, the 7000 MX controller, and a 3 year limited warranty and 30 year repair policy.



39.37″w x 77.81″l / 900 x 2002mm


34 lbs without controller / 15 kg


180 w


AC 120


95f to 158f / 36c to 70c

Infrared Ray:

5 – 14 Microm. Max

Negative Ion:

600 Volts of negative potential

Amount of Amethyst:

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Biomat Bed Sizes

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