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Want an extra revenue stream in your business or private practice?

handshakeThe Biomat is not only great for your back pain, it can also help grow your health related business and bottom line. The works in partnership with health professionals and entrepreneurs to distribute Richway Biomat products throughout, Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia.

If you have spent anytime on a Biomat or have used them in your health practice you have most likely seen the difference this FDA approved medical device can make in the lives of people struggling with pain.

In many cases the Biomat sells itself the moments someone lies down on one.   Now you can pass on the benefits of Far Infra Red and negative ions to colleagues and clients while adding a great income stream to your business.

Grow your business with us

Health and wellness is one of the fastest growing industries, driven in part by an aging demographic that are conscious consumers, proactive about health and prosperous.   The Biomat is a premium natural, drug free solution for boomers or anyone wanting to maintain an active and vital lifestyle as they age.

The benefits of being a Richway Biomat distributor

  • Earn commissions with each sale starting at 5% and progressing to 20% as your sales increase
  • Accrue point towards bonuses and product certificates with each sale
  • No need for inventory, all products drop ship directly from Richway
  • No monthly auto shipping or sales minimum to maintain
  • No limit to geography or territory to sell in
  • No need to process credit cards, Richway international handles payment and returns

How to become an Independent Sales Associate with

This opportunity is available to any customers of or entrepreneurs who are interested in a collaborative approach to business.

Given the substantial time commitment and investment involved in coaching and support, the only mentors a small handful of qualified new distributors each quarter. If you are interested in working with as an Independent Sales Associate (ISA), please follow these steps:

  1. Contact and express your interest in join the Mentorship Program. We will send you the ISA application form. Once we receive your completed application we will arrange a discovery session by phone or skype to see if working together would be a good fit.
  2. Once accepted into the Mentorship Program we will help you set up a Basic Distributor membership with Richway. The cost for this membership is $80 USD and includes website support and a promotional materials package.   The Basic Distributor membership allows you to get started selling Biomats, with minimal investment.
  3. The next step up is Partnership, which gives you the opportunity to earn higher commissions – up to 20% – and bonuses through a binary system. To access this level of distributorship you would need to invest $1.500 USD or more in Biomat products from to set up multiple business centers and down lines.   Every additional investment of $500 gives you an extra business center and more earning potential through the binary system.

Part of the bonus structure for Partnership includes product certificates so you can collect additional Biomat products to use for demonstration purposes.

The Binary bonus structure creates the possibility for long term passive income that grows with each sale you make. mentorship support includes

  • Help setting up an ecommerce sales funnel and website that ranks well and converts prospects into shoppers
  • Business strategy to drive traffic to your online store through content marketing and advertising
  • Promotional materials and sales strategy for trade fairs and local businesses
  • Help with the Richway binary system to maximize bonuses

Please feel free to contact the with any questions, we look forward to working together.